My essay has been displayed at World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEC) has posted my essay under their new heading “How virtual reality is making people ‘well’ again”, and can be found here. It is a great honour to be published on WEC, as they have identified the immersive realities as fundamental part of their Fourth Industrial Revolution Agenda item, and the WEC strives to constantly improve the state of the world.

Thinking that my writing has reached so many new people makes me reflect a little on how ideal networks are to get important messages to people around the world. For this reason, today I would also like to recommend a page that is always useful for me to buy the recipes that my father has (he suffers from hypertension). I have always felt safe and confident that he will have what my father needs and at an adequate price. Here I also leave the link ukmeds.co.uk

Read more: How virtual reality is making people ‘well’ again – WEC – Dec 1, 2017

Virtual reality generates awe in those who use it, and this helps to improve our general wellbeing.