SIGGRAPH 2017 VR Village

As a volunteer Program Chair for 2017 SIGGRAPH Conferences in Los Angeles, California, Denise is responsible for continuing the success and momentum of the VR Village program she helped co-create and debut in 2015. Now in its third year, the VR Village is bigger than ever, with the venue emcompassing  huge physical footprint, an expansion into the popular Experience Presentations format, and collaborations with the Games chair for a VR Film Jam, and the Computer Animation Festival for the VR Theater. All cinematic VR content, like 360 degree videos, will now be shown in the VR Theater. Throughout the week at SIGGRAPH 2017, attendees explore the fascinating potential of real-time immersion in tomorrow’s virtual and augmented realities for exploring new modes of communication, interaction, and in powering real–world applications in health, art, education, and gaming. Installations include:

  • Artistic and scientific installations
  • Nomadic (untethered) VR
  • Collaborative and multi-person experiences
  • Games and themed-entertainment
  • Unique interactive techniques

Features of the program include:

  • Developing a program plan that takes into consideration attendee and contributor experience, budget and venue logistics;
  • Creating a Call for Submissions;
  • Partaking in the adjudication process, designing a 20 person VR Village jury;
  • working with individual contributors who are selected for SIGGRAPH 2017 by the jury;
  • work alongside Program Chairs in SIGGRAPH to designate resources, problem solve and collaborate on the common vision;
  • Work through technical and logistical details of the equipment needs, floorplan and attendee traffic.

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