SIGGRAPH 2015 VR Village

SIGGRAPH 2015 had the a big addition of VR Village to join the existing Emerging Technologies, Studio and Art Gallery programs. Intended to promote interactivity, attendee engagement and knowledge mobilization of all things AR/VR, the program was highly successful. Denise was co-chair of VR Village alongside fellow co-chair Ed Lantz, with direction coming from Conference Chair Marc Barr and the experienced conference management team. For the program being in its very first year, it was highly rated by attendees and contributors alike in the official surveys, taking top three honours in nearly every area of the conference.

Highlights from VR Village:

  • 74 independent presenters, which included 51 HMD experiences, 6 Nomadic experiences, 1 car
  • 26 fulldome films; 4 panelists and a moderator in VR Village Talk “Creating at the Edge”; 9 talk presentations in the dome
  • 12-13 Experiences per day, with 4+ hours of fulldome programming
  • Average throughput was 281 attendees per day per station (highest was 600+ at a single station)

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