ScavengeAR: Augmented Reality app


ScavengeAR is an Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt Application created for the 2017 SIGGRAPH VR Village. It was developed by an International team of Volunteers and was deployed at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles. 

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The Lab – Venue Based Games  

The Lab is a section in our app dedicated to contributor and venue generated content.

  • Triviatron
    • A SIGGRAPH trivia game created by the International Resource Committee.
  • Sigget Falls:
    • An Augmented Reality experiment created by volunteers

ScavengeAR – SIGGRAPH 2017 Deployment Results   


  • Introduced Attendees to Augmented Reality on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Encouraged Attendees to diversify their experience by exploring unfamiliar venues
  • Created new opportunities for people to network with each other.
  • Provided a way to keep attendees engaged between sessions while educating them about SIGGRAPH’s history and impact within the industry

1500 Unique downloads across iOS & Android

10% of total attendees downloaded app

Donations from: Google, Industrial Light & Magic, Laika, & Merge VR

Beyond 2017 – Long Term Strategy

  • Create Larger SIGGRAPH Social Media presence that extends beyond the conference by providing more options for attendees to share and tag photos from SIGGRAPH.
  • Provide unique attendee experience specific to the year’s location and theme while marketing in-app upcoming SIGGRAPH events to increase attendee retention.
    • Promoting SIGGRAPH Asia. Let’s increase parity between the two!
    • Lab Section can transform to a new submissions platform for the CG community
  • Connect the conferences by recognizing and rewarding returning players.
    • Creating a unique collectible only dedicated to players to earn and trade each year.

Initial Concept Supervision (2016-2017): Denise Quesnel; Education / Student Outreach: Zeb Wood; Development / General Questions: Casey Kwock; International Resources / International Outreach: Diana Arellano