Manta Heaven Stereo 3D (2012)

D. Quesnel, 4min stereoscopic 3D underwater video. Group exhibition, Sea Inside: Design, Culture and Marine Ecology – Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr, February 2012 curated by Marten Sims.

A night-time scuba diving expedition in December 2011 led to close encounters with 8 giant manta rays. I had intended to see if I could find one, or if I were lucky two mantas to film at a cleaning station. To our delight we were completely surrounded by the magnificent creatures, and this resulted in some excellent stereoscopic footage. The film celebrates the decision in 2011 to include mantas in the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals as strictly protected in international waters, and demonstrates the mantas elegantly ‘dancing’ through the water.

The best way to view this film is as a room-scale, 3 wall wrap-around projection, with you at the center of the action.