Stereoscopic 3D campaign †Inspired Image Picture Company for Canadian Tourism Commission (2010)

Back in 2010, there weren’t many production and post-production options for film crews. A stereo 3D rig was immense and a burden to calibrate; achieving camera sync posed a regular challenge; and the process of importing through final edit of the content was horrific.

Despite that, some of the proudest moments come out of pioneering new techniques and workflows. In this case, a short S3D film was to be created that would be presented both for television and cinema. A tiny team from Vancouver and Toronto remotely collaborated to ensure the content would be delivered to the highest standard possible. To get to this point, extensive R&D was required, along with an expert understanding of stereography.

Role: Post-production supervisor, offline and online editor, colourist and post-production stereography

  • Testing workflow from SI-2K camera and GoPro in stereoscopic 3D rigs through to dailies and post-production
  • Research into deliverables for stereoscopic 3D for cinema and television
  • Research into creative video editing for stereoscopic and large format narratives and documentaries
  • Stereography in the post-production process, error correction