360 Degree Fly Over Nimmo Bay (2010)

In 2010, I was approached by a company called North Video 360 to assist on solving the post-production problem of a 360-degree video presentation they had created for a client, Nimmo Bay Resort. While 360 images had been developed for some time, and various plugins had been developed to allow interaction with still images, nothing had yet been developed for moving images. The bandwidth required to stream the video online needed to be minimized; the video itself needed to be ‘unstitched’ and presented in a flat presentation; no research was yet available on narrative editing for an interactive 360 degree presentation.


    of all available video codecs (including open source codecs) that would reduce bandwidth and maintain image fidelity


    to assist in integration of codecs into an early 360 stitching software provided by North Studio 360


    speed test for minimum requirements for bandwidth


    in creative editing of the video that assists user engagement and reduction of viewer distraction


    The company who produced the video went on to become Immersive Media 360 (IM360), and is now one of the world’s leading 360 degree production studios specializing in spherical immersive video


    This interactive web video was one of the first examples to take merge immersive storytelling with the 360 degree tour concept