2010 Olympic Torch Relay

Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympics coverage for VANOC, CTV, CTC and Inspired Image Picture Company

Hired in 2009 by Image Media Farm (now called Inspired Image Picture Company) to be part of a five person team based out of Vancouver and Toronto in developing a functional workflow for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games torch relays. As part of the team for the bidding process, we already had groundwork laid out through R&D in the scenario that the bid was selected. Once this occurred, a mobile editing suite on wheels was developed that would travel across the Country, and connect via satellite to home base in Vancouver. Raw and Edited footage had to be uploaded to a server farm by 3pm daily for broadcasters, major sponsors and the International Olympics Committee. I assisted in developing a system of standards and workflows that allowed us to meet our target, having never missed a deadline in the entire duration of the Relay. Work involved a custom design of computer stations, servers, and software that worked with available hardware to manage all the assists, organize, edit and deliver daily digests of content.