Cyberattacks can happen on a global scale as well with hackers breaching government organizations or creating large-scale malware attacks. This is why it is so important to keep yourself informed with a few tips on how to avoid cyberattacks. You can read more about soc services here that can find, detect and respond effectively to cyber-attacks within your environment with the help of 24×7 monitoring services which provide expert staff and industry-leading cyber security technology .

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Since the recent report, we’ve been getting tons of requests for further information on why it was created and why it was released. While it was put together because of recent threats, it was also created to help us get a better understanding of the common misconceptions about cyber security. If you want to learn more, you can also check out the information found at

What has been the response to the Cyber Security Alert report?

A big thanks to all our subscribers, and everyone who has already shared or commented. If you’d like to see the source code or tell us what you thought about the report, you can reach out to us at email protected. We’d love to hear what you think.

Are there any additional Cyber Security Alerts planned?

Of course! We are planning to add more information to the report as we go along, including reports about high-risk industries, regions, and geographical areas.

We will be publishing the next one after we are done in December with a focus on becoming more trustworthy and secure. We’re also planning to invest in a hybrid cloud database for added protection (check out to know more about it).

We also appreciate that with the release of the first Cyber Security Alert we’re being called out by cybersecurity experts. We like to consider ourselves as credible in the industry and we want you to know that we’re following up the previous report with the second one that’s even more important in security today.

What can you tell us about the development of the report?

Cyber Security Alert: Threats and Critical Cyberspace Experiences was created by a team of information security professionals from a variety of companies and agencies around the globe. We brought together experts from business, academia, and government organizations that understand the need for good cyber security today. We’re always looking for experts who will help us make the report more useful. Microsoft Expressroute direct connect is a fast way for businesses to get on the cloud and to also find better cyber security.

There is nothing more frustrating than worrying that your information or communications have been compromised. This is why we created this report to educate organizations about the threats that are most common and the most pressing.

As cyber-attacks continue to grow more sophisticated, more organizations need to know what cyber security are, how it is being integrated, and what needs to be done. Learn More about how you can keep your connection secure here.