Virtually there

Nearly a year ago, a friend and colleague told me I needed to ‘up’ my online presence. We were discussing how good ideas get traction, and how in the day and age of online presence our connection to one another relies on how readily we put information out there. Because I have a ton of half-written material that never made it online, I was intimidated to finish it all before getting it online. I’ve since realized this task is impossible, since so much of that material is dated at the near-breakneck speed we are experiencing with virtual and augmented reality, and technology in general. So I’m going to start my newfound online presence by posting some interviews I did with last year’s VR Village contributors, that haven’t seen the light yet in their entirety. Then I’ll follow up with some other material I’d written that didn’t necessarily get published this year. Hopefully this kick-starts some great conversations for the next while. Hopefully this rescues this poor neglected blog.